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Distributed Generation

Smart Solutions for Decentralized Energy

Cleanleaf Energy’s Operations and Maintenance (O&M) services empower distributed generation (DG) clients with unparalleled system reliability and performance. Our expertise in servicing DG markets ensures that your localized energy systems are maintained at peak safety, and efficiency, providing consistent, clean energy output. With Cleanleaf’s O&M, you’re assured of continuous operational excellence in your energy production.

A Leading O&M Provider for the DG Sector
Cleanleaf Energy offers comprehensive maintenance solutions tailored to the unique requirements of decentralized energy systems. Our approach combines proactive maintenance strategies with rapid-response support, ensuring that your DG assets deliver optimal performance and longevity. Trust in Cleanleaf’s O&M services to enhance the resilience and efficiency of your distributed energy resources.

With Cleanleaf’s O&M services, experience minimized downtime and extended asset life, ensuring that your DG setup operates reliably around the clock. Our preventive and corrective maintenance programs are designed to keep your energy generation at its most productive, maximizing output and efficiency. Stay ahead of regulatory requirements with Cleanleaf’s expert compliance management, ensuring that your DG operations meet all safety and operational standards for a worry-free energy solution. Contact us to learn more about our Distributed Generation services.


  • Enhanced System Reliability: With Cleanleaf’s O&M services
  • Optimized Energy Production with our preventive and corrective maintenance programs
  • Expert compliance and safety management ensures you stay ahead of regulatory requirements


Robust Energy Solutions for Large-Scale Operations

Cleanleaf Energy extends its expertise to the utility-scale sector, offering robust Operations and Maintenance (O&M) services that ensure the smooth operation of large solar projects. Our utility-scale solutions are designed to maximize the performance and longevity of large-scale energy projects, delivering reliability and efficiency at scale. With Cleanleaf’s O&M, utility providers can expect comprehensive care and management of their energy assets.

Catering to the Demands of the Utility-Scale Market
Cleanleaf Energy’s O&M services bring a new level of operational excellence to large PV and Storage energy installations. Our programs are specifically tailored to manage the complexities of utility-scale operations, encompassing everything from routine maintenance to our NERC control center services. Our goal is to enhance the energy output and operational uptime of your utility-scale projects, ensuring they deliver optimal performance and contribute to the grid’s stability.

Leverage over a decade of O&M experience with Cleanleaf Energy’s proven expertise, where our seasoned professionals bring a wealth of knowledge and a track record of success to manage your utility-scale energy projects. Ensure peace of mind with our comprehensive NERC CIP & Process Compliance services, including generator operation coordination, day-ahead forecasting, and FERC reporting. As a generator owner, you’ll benefit from our diligent registration process, keeping you ahead in compliance and operational integrity. Tap into the future advanced technology with our proprietary technology platform, GRID, designed to optimize the performance of utility-scale O&M. GRID integrates cutting-edge analytics and monitoring tools to enhance decision-making and service management. Contact us to learn more about our Utility-Scale services.


  • Proven expertise, leveraging over a decade of O&M experience
  • Regulatory Excellence, comprehensive NERC CIP & Process Compliance services
  • Advanced technology with GRID, our proprietary technology platform.
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Optimize & Repower

Special Projects for Enhanced Performance

Cleanleaf Energy’s Special Projects division is the expert task force for your solar energy system’s most demanding challenges. Specializing in investigation, troubleshooting, repair, and upgrades, we enable you to stay focused on your core business while we handle the complexities of solar repair needs. From rooftop improvements to recovery from severe weather damage, our team applies decades of experience to ensure your system’s resilience and optimal performance.

Our Special Projects team excels in delivering intricate solutions that go beyond routine maintenance. Drawing on extensive field experience and logistical prowess, we perform deep system analyses, including performance modeling using advanced tools like PVsyst, and capacity testing to ASTM standards. Whether it’s pre-purchase technical due diligence or a thorough data review for compliance, our comprehensive services ensure your system not only meets but exceeds operational expectations.

Our Pre-Construction Handover Service allow you to seamlessly transition from construction to operation with  commissioning services designed to ensure that every component of your solar system is calibrated for optimal output from day one. Our Comprehensive System Analysis  provides detailed performance and maintenance analyses to maximize your system’s availability and efficiency, offering a clear picture of its operational health and potential improvements. Strategic Upgrade Solutions, with ROI-focused system upgrade or expansion analysis, helps you make informed decisions on improving performance, integrating energy storage, and capitalizing on new incentives.  Contact us  to learn more about our Optimize & Repower Services.


  • Pre-Construction Handover Service allowing for seamless transition from construction to operation
  • Comprehensive system analysis to maximize your system's availability and efficiency
  • Strategic Upgrade Solutions with ROI-focused system upgrade or expansion analysis
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