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The total technology platform, process, experience, and data.
“More than a CMMS.”

Discover the Power of GRID – Our Advanced Technology Platform at Cleanleaf Energy. Designed to harness the full potential of solar O&M, GRID is the nerve center of our Operations and Maintenance services. This sophisticated platform offers real-time data analysis, predictive maintenance schedules, and comprehensive performance reporting.


The GridScheduler component focuses on AI-driven scheduling, optimizing maintenance and operations within the Grid platform.

GridCapture is a custom iPhone app designed to provide mobile access and control over the Grid platform’s various functionalities.

GRIDMonitor is the monitoring component of Grid, dedicated to overseeing and analyzing system performance, energy output, and other critical metrics.


Global Energy Company

“The case reports we receive from Cleanleaf are at a higher standard. Better than ours and other competitors.”

Maintenance Support Services Manager

Distributed Generation

Size 200 MW

Services Maintenance & Monitoring

GRIDInsite is the customer service portal component of Grid, dedicated to providing clients real-time and direct access to service information across their entire portfolio.

GRIDIntel offers comprehensive analytics and case reporting. Focuses on delivering detailed and accurate reports essential for tracking, traceability, and accountability of your project sites. It integrates many data points, including extensive photographic evidence, performance metrics, maintenance records, and system efficiency analyses.

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