With an unwavering commitment to safety, excellence and a forward-thinking approach, we are pioneering the path to universal access to clean energy. Our expertise spans the intricacies of energy management, ensuring that every project we handle maximizes system uptime and performance. By leveraging state-of-the-art technology and harnessing the deep knowledge of our dedicated team, we don’t just anticipate the future of energy—we shape it.

Transparency and trust are the cornerstones of our relationships with partners and clients. We believe that integrity in our operations translates into a more resilient and efficient energy grid. Our dedication to these principles drives us toward our goal of being the premier provider in the solar O&M sector.

Join us on this journey to a brighter, cleaner tomorrow. Together, we can accelerate the adoption of renewable energy, driving global sustainability and energy independence. At Cleanleaf Energy, we’re not just maintaining systems; we’re empowering the future, one project at a time.

2002 to 2024

A Timeline of Excellence in Renewable Energy Management

At Cleanleaf Energy, our journey is marked by innovation, growth, and a steadfast commitment to sustainable energy. We stand proudly on our foundation as Borrego Solar, a name synonymous with quality and excellence in the EPC, O&M and Development business since 2002. Here’s a glimpse into our evolution:

The inception of Borrego Solar as a frontrunner in EPC and Development.

With foresight and strategic growth, we launched an independent O&M division, establishing ourselves as specialists in the operational excellence of solar energy systems.

A monumental achievement as we surpassed the 1GW mark under our management, showcasing our capability to scale and handle extensive renewable portfolios.

Stepping into the future, we took on the management of our first Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), expanding our expertise into the emerging field of energy storage.

Breaking new ground, we began managing our first Utility-Scale projects, further cementing our role in the large-scale renewable energy sector.

Recognition of our commitment came with our ranking in the Top Five C&I by the renowned Wood Mackenzie Global O&M Report.

Today, as Cleanleaf Energy, we are wholly devoted to O&M for Solar and BESS. Our focus is singular: ensuring that renewable energy systems deliver on their promise of a cleaner, more sustainable future.


With each milestone, Cleanleaf Energy reaffirms its position as a leader in renewable energy O&M. Our history is a testament to our drive for excellence and our future—a canvas for innovation and commitment to powering a sustainable world.